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Residential & Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Whether you are a landlord who needs to evict, or a tenant trying to get your security deposit back, or a property manager in need of an attorney to represent your homeowner, Carli Law can assist you with your landlord/tenant needs—both residential and commercial. Theresa Carli has represented landlords, tenants, and property managers in all types of cases and has been very successful on the trial level. Her staff is very well-versed in these types of matters and has even assisted her with an appeals case. Click here for Ms. Carli’s Appellee Brief.

Ms. Carli has won several trials in the representation of both landlords and tenants, and while she is confident in the litigation arena if necessary, she also prides herself on being able to work with the parties to a dispute in an effort to reach solutions prior to having to file a single paper in court. This often times results in money savings, as well as, a faster solution for her clients.

If you’re a landlord in need of eviction services, a tenant requiring assistance in the defense of a wrongful eviction or in acquiring the return of your security deposit, or a property manager searching for an attorney to assist your homeowner-clients, call Carli Law to speak to Ms. Carli and her staff about how they can assist you. If you’d like a small insight into Ms. Carli’s knowledge on landlord-tenant law, click on the following Brief she composed for and filed in the First District Court of Appeals.