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Real Estate and Property Contract Formation and Litigation

There are a plethora of real estate and property contracts that are formulated, signed, and breached each and every day. Carli Law is here to assist its clients in both the formation and enforcement of all types of real estate and property contracts from residential or commercial lease agreements, to mortgages and deeds.

It’s incredibly important that all contracts comply not only with contract law concepts, but also be tailored to Florida Law. The best way to avoid litigation is to have a strong and secure base on which to build transactions—or a strong, enforceable contract.
Unfortunately, contracts are breached every day. Carli Law can assist you in taking the necessary steps on your behalf to ensure each party to a contract is held to its duties and obligations. Theresa Carli prides herself on ensuring parties to a contract are not only held accountable, but also that equitable results prevail. While her first goal is to attempt amicable solutions between parties, contract litigation is an area she has thrived in.

If you require the drafting of real estate or property contracts, or if someone has breached a contract that you are a party of, reach out to Carli Law to speak to Ms. Carli about your options. She’ll be able to walk you through the process of contract formation or recovery should you be the victim of a contract breach.