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Quiet Title & Partition Actions

Quiet title actions are required when there exists some type of cloud on the title of your home that is preventing you from conveying clear title to another buyer. This can come in the form of improper or unlawful restraints on a title or improper judgments on a title. Quiet title actions are also required if you purchased a tax deed and would now like to convey clear title to a buyer.

Partition actions are required when two or more people have joint title to a property and cannot agree on how to convey or dispose of the property. This often times occurs when family members get deeded joint ownership due to the passing of family member or when unmarried couples purchase a property together and then have a falling out, leaving the broken couple in disagreement with what to do with the property.

Whether you require a quiet title or a partition action, Carli Law can assist you with either endeavor. For many trying to quiet title due to the purchase of a tax deed, investors want to be able to convey the property as soon as possible, and the staff at Carli Law understand the desire to get a clean title as efficiently as possible. Theresa also understands that often times, partition actions can be emotionally draining and frustrating, however, her experience in the area and willingness to engage in good faith discussions with the other parties in order to best resolve the dispute bodes well for her clients.

You can count on Carli Law to efficiently handle your quiet title needs and to effectively represent you in partition actions. Call us for a free consultation on how to get started.