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Pursuing Private Lender Foreclosures

Private lender mortgages can be a great alternative for those without the credit score to get a mortgage from a large lending institution. It can also be a great way to get a return on an investment from a mortgagee’s point of view. However, often times, a private lender will unfortunately need to foreclose on its borrower in order to protect its investment. Navigating the world of pursuing a foreclosure should be done with the help of an attorney, and Theresa Carli has assisted several private lenders with foreclosure actions.

Carli Law has both the resources and experience needed to ensure a private lender’s investment is not lost when their borrower defaults. If you have given a mortgage to a borrower whom has defaulted, or if you would like to grant a private mortgage to a borrower, call Carli Law to assist you with the process. Theresa can assist you to ensure your investment is protected. Call us today!