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HOA & COA Issues

Homeowner’s Association and Condominium Association Law in the State of Florida is extensive, particular, and at many times, incredibly frustrating. HOA’s and COA’s seem to be largely unchecked, often times unruly, and most times uncooperative with the average homeowner. Carli Law can assist homeowners in disputes with these associations, including but not limited to foreclosure defense for unpaid assessments, enforcement of Bylaws, Declarations, and other Governing Documents, stopping selective enforcement, and upholding both the rights of homeowners and the obligations of Association Boards.

A large part of Ms. Carli’s practice has been focused on defending both Homeowner Association and Condo Association actions and/or assisting homeowners with ensuring their Association Boards are upholding their fiduciary duties to the homeowner. Much too often, homeowners pay their assessments but then cannot rely on their Boards to uphold their Governing Documents and properly represent the homeowners. Call Carli Law today if you are having an issue with your HOA or COA, and Ms. Carli can advise you on your options.