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Foreclosure Defense & Loss Mitigation

Having your home foreclosed on is a very scary event; however, it’s important to keep two things in mind: (1) you’re not alone; and (2) we can find a solution for you, while at the same, defending your foreclosure to ensure equitable results prevail. While the number of foreclosures each year continues to decrease, Florida is still the leading state for such an unfortunate financial event.

If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments, if you’ve received notices of default from your lender, or if you’ve already been served with court documents, we can assist you in finding the best solution for you and your family. Even prior to Law School, Theresa Carli, worked as a legal assistant completing modifications, short sales, and deeds in lieu with a foreclosure defense firm outside of Orlando, Florida. As a litigator, she has been defending foreclosures in the courtroom for the past three years, and she has had great success in finding the best solutions for her clients.

Not only has Ms. Carli defended mortgage foreclosures, she has also represented private lenders in the foreclosure process of mortgages they have given. Her position in the shoes of a lender has helped her better anticipate and defend the process of lending institutions foreclosing upon borrowers. Her ability to think like a foreclosing party can assist you in defending that same type of thinking.

It’s important that you discuss your options with an attorney should you fall behind in your mortgage payments. If you are improperly foreclosed upon, it’s incredibly important that you speak to an attorney who can defend your foreclosure and save your home. Often times, foreclosure defense and loss mitigation go hand-in-hand and work best when done simultaneously to ensure the best results for you as the client. Call Carli Law today to speak to Ms. Carli about your options. We’re here to help you resolve your financial hardship and get back on your feet.