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Filing for Divorce

Filing for divorce is a burdensome experience that most people don’t consider planning for, but, if and when, such decision is made, proper legal representation becomes a necessity. There are multiple options when filing for divorce. Having an attorney to assist you in determining the best route for you and your family is of the utmost importance. Ms. Carli comes from a distinct background with parents who divorced when she was a young child and remarried when she was a teenager. She knows firsthand the challenges that come with a changing family dynamic. Therefore, she empathizes with her clients, while ensuring they are protected both at the time of a divorce and in the future.

There’s a lot at stake when couples divorce. The decisions you make during the proceedings have a lasting effect on you and your children. It’s essential that you have an attorney who can defend you, negotiate in good faith and with integrity on your behalf and keep your children’s best interest at the forefront. Ms. Carli has both the determinations and integrity to assure you are well-represented and that any children involved are protected.

If you find yourself in the position of either wanting to file for divorce or of being served with divorce papers, contact Carli Law to get the guidance you need. Our staff is here to assist you and your family through the divorce process and to ensure you are protected in the long run.