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Creditor Rights & Consumer Protection

Whether you are a creditor or debtor, there are a litany of both federal and Florida specific laws that you should be aware of in order to ensure you are best protected. Carli Law can assist creditors in collection of debts to ensure they are abiding by applicable collection laws and assist debtors to ensure they are not victims of unlawful trade and collection practices.
All too often, consumer protection not heeded, creditors are sued, and debtors are harassed. Theresa Carli has represented creditors in the lawful collection of debts and debtors in the defense of illegal collections and unlawful trade practices. Her work on both sides of the table has helped her to understand the strategies and best practices for both the creditor and the consumer. Because Ms. Carli is licensed to practice in Federal Court, she is also able to represent creditors who are noticed as creditors in bankruptcies and debtors who are in need of filing FDCPA claims.

If you are a creditor or lender who wants to pursue a debtor while ensuring compliance with the various laws that govern the collection of consumer debts, contact Carli Law to assist you in your endeavors. Or, if you are a debtor who has fallen victim to unlawful collection acts or unfair trade practices, contact Ms. Carli to assist you in defending such actions.