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Collaborative Divorce

Effective July 1, 2017, a new alternative to litigation for family law matters in Florida came into existence – the Collaborative Process.  The Collaborative Process is a method of resolving a couple’s differences in a family matter through voluntary settlement negotiations rather than through litigation in court. There are several advantages to the Collaborative Process if the parties believe they can peacefully resolve their issues with the help of legal, financial and mental professionals.

Essentially, both parties must agree in advance that they will not litigate, but will instead engage in the settlement process to negotiate the terms of their divorce. Collaborative divorce can result in less uncertainty, quicker resolution, and non-confrontational proceedings. This option requires legal representation that respects the collaborative process and can negotiate amicably with opposing counsel, while at the same time ensuring the client’s interests are protected both at the time of the divorce and in the future.

If you are considering divorce and you think the collaborative divorce would be the best, feasible route for your family, contact Carli Law to discuss getting the process started. Our helpful staff will be glad to guide you through this challenging time.